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sir jay de mellow

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originally posted on The Lifeboat News

suggestion for new economic metric : Non Benefits Wage [NBW] ;0)

Posted by focus on April 15, 2016, 5:29 am

In light of the amply predicted glaring injustice built in to universal credit, and the continuing brazen political projection of responsibility and financial prudence onto the end users of the economy recently referred to on the Lifeboat Board. [see info on thread here posted by Ken W and Johnhol plus comments:]

An idea of a new economic metric : Non Benefits Wage - NBW

In order to measure the strength, health and appropriateness of the economy; to test/calibrate economic policy and to benchmark economic performance and management, on a national scale.

Utility - for example:

Employee Value [Ed-value to employee] - pursuing this vacancy will not satisfy government's promoted requirement.
Job Value - assessment of utility of re-numeration vis-a-vis government's promoted aim of eliminating benefit top ups. based on eg - 37.5 hr week.
Sector Value - XYZ sector , according to NBW metric, is fit/unfit for purpose/in crisis.
Economic Management and National Decline/Increase - in 1972, 1983, 1997, 2004, 2008, 2016 XYZ % employment opportunities achieved NBW status.

These percentages could be further broken down / magnified to illustrate performance on locality, age, sector, intra-sector parameters

Alternate labels could be, for example:

* Zero Benefits Wage *
- other options instead the word "benefits"
- Salary instead of "wage"
- other options re "wage" to reflect financial environment - housing costs, local variations in housing costs etc.

suggestions welcome.
NB: it might not be new, but its new to me!

all the best, f


    extra - bit

    Posted by focus on April 15, 2016, 5:58 am, in reply to "suggestion for new economic metric : Non Benefits Wage ;0)"

    further possible utility:

    evaluating corporate investment, business models, tenders for govt contracts, mergers and aquisitions, subcontracting commitments.

    highlighting centrality of evaluating housing costs in economic viability.


    with apologies to tman/ttoise for the utility of utilising the utility of the word utility.


    the people's envelope: thinking outside their box

    open sauce [ apols to private eye ] policy writing competition

    all the best f
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