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Sent by Ed Murray on July 5, 2014 following this interview: An edited version appears here:

Mr Snow,

In exasperation last night, I watched your interview with Hillary Clinton and in all honesty, I have to ask you: what did you interview her for, or more precisely, why were you even there? What is the point of these so called "interviews" and "debates" when the most obvious questions and the simplest of examples to illustrate the insulting deceptions of the interviewee are willfully neglected in favour of what, in this case, were ten minutes of a party political broadcast on behalf of the American Imperialist Party?

Oh, with a bit about looking forward to being a granny stuck on at the end...the sort of granny who laughs about the torture and murder of an old man with a bayonet up his arse, that is. Oh what a lovely lady you were humbly thanking last night! "We came, we saw, he died, fnar fnar".

I ask again: what are you even there for? Just to afford some legitimacy to an international war criminal?

Although I am used to Channel 4 News, and your contributions in particular, it still takes the breath away to see you sitting there, asking her about Putin and the Ukraine without a single mention of the elephants in the room while she prattles on.
Why was it beyond you to ask her why she feels she is above international law and quite happy to fund the coup that overthrew the democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych and install a bunch of neo nazis?

On Iraq, you let her sit there blaming Maliki for the present crisis in Iraq without one word about her support of the illegal invasion of Iraq that has resulted in over one million deaths and her responsibility for any of the problems and suffering that country is enduring.

When she described how "difficult" it was for her administration to deal with Israel and the 400,000 illegal settlers in the West Bank, why was it beyond you to remind her of the billions of dollars of economic and military aid she donates to Israel every year and how the threat of curtailing that aid might just make the Zionists a little more compliant to her wishes? Wishes I might add, that you seemed to believe were sincere!

To see you placated by her ridiculously incredulous replies, to see you almost sympathising with the difficulties she faces is quite frankly insulting considering how very well you know the score between the fateful triangle of the USA, Israel and Palestine.

You let her talk of the political and economic problems in the USA as if she was just a good hearted bystander trying her best to make things better when in fact she has supported every policy, gimmick and deception to put public money into private hands (just as they are doing here) under the name of austerity, ensuring the rich get richer, while the poor get poorer.

To top it all, you tell her she has achieved amazing things without any qualification whatsoever of what those things are, when her administration are killing people all over the world with their murderous drones, special ops and blatant state terrorism.

All smoke and mirrors Jon, all smoke and mirrors. Was the temptation to schmooze one of the world's most powerful war criminals just too much to pass up? I note you are now on first name terms with her...congratulations.

I never thought I'd say this but even Cathy Newman could have done better.

Ed Murray.

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